Peachland Baptist Church

The initial meeting leading to Peachland Baptist Church (PBC) was held in the local school house on December 7, 1903. At that meeting it was resolved to form a Baptist Church, which was done on February 21, 1904.

Initially services were held in the Orange Hall. On June 22, 1908 plans were approved for a building. As the economy was getting tougher, a less expensive plan was adopted, estimated to cost approximately $1,500. The original eight-sided structure was built in 1910.

When the highway was relocated at Peachland the Department of Highways purchased the property and the church continued to use the building until a new facility was built. The Okanagan Historical Society preserved the original building as a "unique and unusual building and a landmark." Work on the new building began in 1964. The current building at Lake Avenue and 13th Street has been renovated over the years.

More important than the buildings, the ministry has continued for over a hundred years! God has been faithful as pastors and people have served Him in this community of believers. PBC is committed to sound Biblical preaching and teaching, missions, building up believers and being a light to our community.

PBC is an independent church with no denominational affiliation.

Our History